Coaching Our Clients on Xero Basics

With so many of our clients now transferring to Xero, we want to ensure everyone is getting the most out of their subscription and is able to manage their accounts confidently on this fantastic cloud-based software.

While we do provide one-on-one coaching, some people prefer to learn in a group or workshop setting.  Unfortunately we were unable to offer any workshops during the recent lockdown period which is where the webinar became our next best option.

Accountant and Xero Trainer here at Rural Accountants, Angelina Barratt, leads our training programme and facilitated our Xero Basics webinar.

“Everyone who attended our webinar was there to learn how to use Xero properly. Storing and managing documents electronically also seemed to be of particular interest.”

Accessing Your Accounts Online

Angelina walked our participants step-by-step through using Xero via the website at which is how you access and manage all your accounts on this cloud-based platform.

Xero also has an app for accessing your accounts and processing transactions from your smart phone.  This is also a great tool for taking pictures of receipts and sending them directly to Xero for matching to bank transactions, effectively doing away with the need for paper receipts once these are stored and recorded in your accounts.


Coding Accounts in Xero

“We then covered some basics around coding your accounts including some tips around how to make coding quicker and easier within Xero,” continues Angelina. “I always recommend using the transfer option on the coding screen for making transfers between bank accounts which are shown on Xero, to ensure that these transfers are not effecting reports or incorrectly being included in GST or Tax calculations.”


Quick Reconciliations

Once you start using Xero, the first thing you will notice is how incredibly quick and easy it is to reconcile your accounts. If you can log in daily or weekly to match and approve transactions for reconciliation, you will become very familiar with a wide range of tools available to you in Xero in a relatively short time.

Another helpful tip that our participants became more familiar with in this webinar was how to use the Find & Match function to:

  • Reconcile payments received or made to invoices
  • Apply a payment to multiple invoices
  • Split invoices when a partial payment is made


We also showed participants how to use the Create Rule function to help minimise data entry for recurring transactions. With a Create Rule you can automatically set the Xero codes to speed up your reconciliation time and also ensure more accuracy and consistency.


If you would like to book one-on-one training to learn how to use Xero better or would like an introduction to Xero, please call or email your Rural Accountants client manager.  Future group events or webinars are posted to our Facebook page and we send eInvites to all our clients by email.



What Our Customers Think

Great local Accountants. They provide an excellent service with great explanations for the layman. They provide accounting services for non rural clients too.

Quinn Wilson, Restaurant Owner, The Wagon
What Our Customers Think

Rural Accountants is a real asset to our business.

The team at Rural Accountants pretty much manage all our administrative tasks for the group including payroll and tax planning, ensuring we don’t pay any more than necessary. They are at the forefront of technology and have helped us get up and running with Xero and Figured which is much more efficient than the way we used to work.

Sam Jones, Managing Director, Sybton Farm Ltd Partnership
What Our Customers Think

Christine is very knowledgeable, great to deal with and knows our business well. She is also a sheep & beef farmer so knows the industry really well and understands our needs.

Rural Accountants keeps us on track through strategic and forward planning meetings throughout the year. Christine knows our business inside out so she can deal with our questions instantly.

Mathew & Gemma Barham, Hawke’s Bay Farmer of the Year 2012
What Our Customers Think

What Our Customers Think

I used to work out my GST and process it manually which would take me at least a full day every two months. The team set up reconcilliation rules and other quick tools, and showed me how to do all my reconcilliations and process my GST returns through Xero which now takes me no time at all!

Mike O'Neill, Financial Services Northland Ltd
What Our Customers Think

As a farmer, Christine understands our business and how farmers and growers operate.

We use Rural Accountants to provide a full accounting service to an orcharding partnership which operates a number of orchards with a wide spread of varieties and management systems. Rural Accountants are always timely and accurate, and their annual financial accounts are extremely easy to understand and very grower-friendly.

Paul Jones, Orchardist