Stay Alert to Scammers

Recently there's an increase in scammers pretending to be from well-known phone companies or banks. Their goal is to trick people into handing over personal information, or allowing access to their personal computers.

These fraudsters often monitor corporate activity and copy their methods of communication, so it can be hard to tell what's genuine and what's fake.


It is important to remember that companies such as Spark or your bank will never, ever call you out of the blue and ask for personal information like passwords, internet banking details or access to your computer.


So if you receive an unexpected call from someone asking for these details, hang up straight away. 


If you think you may have given a scammer personal in formation, phone your bank immediately.


There is a lot of good information available on scam advice & reporting, common types of online scams and a NZ Government 'scam alerts' page - be informed and you will  be less likely to fall victim to fraud.   




What Our Customers Think

Great local Accountants. They provide an excellent service with great explanations for the layman. They provide accounting services for non rural clients too.

Quinn Wilson, Restaurant Owner, The Wagon
What Our Customers Think

Rural Accountants is a real asset to our business.

The team at Rural Accountants pretty much manage all our administrative tasks for the group including payroll and tax planning, ensuring we don’t pay any more than necessary. They are at the forefront of technology and have helped us get up and running with Xero and Figured which is much more efficient than the way we used to work.

Sam Jones, Managing Director, Sybton Farm Ltd Partnership
What Our Customers Think

Christine is very knowledgeable, great to deal with and knows our business well. She is also a sheep & beef farmer so knows the industry really well and understands our needs.

Rural Accountants keeps us on track through strategic and forward planning meetings throughout the year. Christine knows our business inside out so she can deal with our questions instantly.

Mathew & Gemma Barham, Hawke’s Bay Farmer of the Year 2012
What Our Customers Think

What Our Customers Think

I used to work out my GST and process it manually which would take me at least a full day every two months. The team set up reconcilliation rules and other quick tools, and showed me how to do all my reconcilliations and process my GST returns through Xero which now takes me no time at all!

Mike O'Neill, Financial Services Northland Ltd
What Our Customers Think

As a farmer, Christine understands our business and how farmers and growers operate.

We use Rural Accountants to provide a full accounting service to an orcharding partnership which operates a number of orchards with a wide spread of varieties and management systems. Rural Accountants are always timely and accurate, and their annual financial accounts are extremely easy to understand and very grower-friendly.

Paul Jones, Orchardist