Rural News


ACC Announces Changes to Support Business Owners

As business owners focus more on cash flow management and finding ways to get through this challenging period, ACC has now come to the party announcing changes to support businesses...

Our Team Agriculture & Horticulture Field Trip

It was a big afternoon out for 12 of our team from Rural Accountants who took part in an agriculture and horticulture field trip organised by managing director, Shannon Harnett, who is also personally involved in all of the farms and farming projects we visited.

Preparing for Changes to the Trusts Act

Many clients who have Trusts will be aware that this Act comes into force in January 2021. We are currently ensuring all the records are up to date for any Trust where Whakatane Trustee Services Ltd (which is Rural Accountant’s Trustee Company) is an independent trustee.

DocuSign – Our Trusted Agreements System

With the recent events of this year, we realised that one of our biggest challenges was in getting financial documents and agreements completed and signed to legally accepted levels. Not being able to physically hand over documents or arrange signatures remotely became a bit of a headache for us…

Government reveals 10-year plan to boost primary sector by $44b

The Government plans to increase primary sector export earnings by $44 billion over the next decade with a goal of getting 10,000 more New Zealanders working in the sector over the next four years.

Studies Continue for Shannon and Other Nuffield Scholars

When Covid-19 hit, around 75 Nuffield scholars from around the world including our very own director Shannon Harnett, were on Moreton Island, 40km off the coast of Brisbane, for a conference that would kick-start an exciting year of travel and agriculture research.